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ZO Games Branding :
Brand Identity Design

 animation courtesy: Arindam K. Dutta


ZO Games is a global game investment and game publishing company, a subsidiary of WinZO Games. ZO Games will
launch AAA mobile games developed by various mobile gaming development studios. ZO Games will also invest
capital to develop quality game development studios across the globe. The vision of the company is to cater products and content that consumers love and become the industry leader in interactive entertainment space not just in India but in the world. ZO Games major interaction is going to be in the B2B
segment. Their partners can be: Game development studios, Game publishers and distributors

They want to have a personality that is sparky/ energetic, futuristic, and leadership. The brand caters to tier I , consumer focus tech companies/game developers in delivering their products and business to greater heights by applying domain expertise and capital. ZO Games is a friendly and professional brand that stands firm to support and help their partners. With ZO Games by the side of any developer, they should feel like a "Winner".

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