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Uttam washroom services :
System and strategy design

Duration: 6 week

Guide : Dr. Tridha Gajjar

Identity / brand for the project 

Artboard 1 copy 14.png


Artboard 1 copy 23.png

Typeface and color selection

Artboard 1 copy 24.png
Artboard 1 copy 25.png


Digital Exploration

Final selection and Variations

Artboard 1 copy 22.png
Asset 2.png
Artboard 18.png
Artboard 18 copy 3.png

Language variation

Artboard 1 copy 27.png


Type face : Baloo type family


Colour : # 00a79d


Toll booth Tickets

Artboard 1 (2).png
Artboard 1 copy (2).png

on spot tickets

For the people who need not to cross the toll plaza or people who do not have toll booth ticket

printer : thermal printer 
paper roll size : 57 mm x 13 m