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Mythocreature :
Origin of sacred animals

Duration: 8 weeks

Guide : Dr. Tridha Gajjar



Exploring stories visually is by no means a new concept. Artwork, both stationary and moving, is something that has been a part of human history for millennia. The ancient Greeks illustrated their stories on pots, in wall paintings, and carved massive stories on the pediments of their temples. Depicting cultural figures, stories, and ods is something that has perpetuated even to this day as a major means of communicating with others. In my design project, I wanted to combine this history of a meaningful images with the stories that cultures told hundreds or thousands of years ago by adapting them into visual novels and telling these stories as comics. 


  • To provide information about the different unheard stories of vedic texts though visual narratives.

  • by providing this information to keep these vedic stories going into oblivion.

  • To make youth more information rich toward the vedic culture and society and what moral do these stories provide.

  • later in the project creating the visual narrative in form of publication or the digital form of motion comic or videos.

Story selection

 From Research conducted, it was noted that :
•    epic battles are told and illustrated repetitively
•    Story of incarnations are also told repetitively
•    Social platforms are also doing mainstream stories of mythologies
•    Stories of associates, animals, and all side characters are not discussed or illustrated
•    work done on these side characters is less and does not have explanatory visuals.

hence story should be based on these sacred animals.


The visual Mood board was made based on keywords like #mythical #cosmic #Earthly #Fantasy


Character Design

Rendered frames